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Northwest double bagger[ITEM #15981]



Northwest double bagger for 10-25-50 Lbsin one fall…Work as many small sizes of bags as 50 Lbs, and even cardboard boxes (adapters not included)…The 3 sets of buckets are included…The two balances adjust with weights (included) mechanically, no electronic calibration, no risk of breaking down…The scale automatically stops the feed conveyor (see the video) when the chosen weight is reached…Operates on 120V with switches and stop/start contact…Manual mode as on video which avoids slipping out or automatic mode for more speed…Watch our demonstration video to understand how it works on youtube by clicking on the red button above! We clear customs and ship everywhere in North America quickly, Ask for it!

Dimensions: L: 67…W: 66…H: 53…Weight: 1,250 Lbs

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Northwest
  • Model: Double
  • State: Used

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