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ACC sizer for green beans[ITEM #16240]



Maeque ACC calibrator for green beans intended for the fresh market…Used to remove broken/waste to keep only the good ones, in fact only those that can ”stuck” in the round spaces are selected…The set includes 3 pieces: elevator, sizer and output conveyor…The elevator belt is dry but still good…The sizer is in perfect condition but some bearing could be replaced (nothing urgent)…The sorting part is in excellent condition too…The belts of the 2 small output conveyors are dry…Adjustable legs but you will only have to adjust the level once…The sifter (2 motor) operates on 220V…Watch our video to understand how it works (french only)…We clear customs and ship averywhere in North America quickly, ask for it!

Dimension: L: 410 (22 feet if elevator and exit conveyor positioned next to the sizer) W:51…H:105 inches…

  • Status : None
  • Brand: ACC
  • Model: FGB
  • State: Used

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