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7-piece washing-brushing line for squash[ITEM #13284]



Washing, brushing line for pepper, squash, apple, etc including 7 pieces: 1- Electric transformer 600/308V (soaking part)…2- Treadmill approach table (Perfect, EUR) for two bins 42 x 48…3- Tipper by immersion, automatic with photoelectric sensor. Anti-lift arm. Tipper rollers are new (2,5K)…4- Flotation basin5- Pump for waves with recycling bin (tray outlet filter) for water and its control pannel…6- Wringing table to collect water with its container…7-Brusher (start on 600-240V) of 6 brushes of 9 feet by 6” in diameter. 3 brushes for brushing and 3 for movement. Integrated shower. All stainless steel. Two season for brushes/bearings (10K)…This complete line is in perfect condition, has been well maintained and everything is ready to be installed in your place to work immediately…See video (2:33) for more details...Plumber and electrician are recommended for reassembly...We clear customs and ship everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask us!

Room dimensions required: 27 feet by 37 feet.

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Perfect
  • Model: 7 mcx
  • State: usage

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