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6-piece soaking-washing line for squash/pepper[ITEM #13284]



Washing, soaking line for pepper, squash, apple, etc including 6 pieces: 1- Electric transformer 600/308V (soaking part)…2- Treadmill approach table (Perfect, EUR) for two bins 42 x 48…3- Tipper by immersion, automatic with photoelectric sensor. Anti-lift arm. Tipper rollers are new (2,5K)…4- Flotation basin5- Pump for waves with recycling bin (tray outlet filter) for water and its control pannel…6- Wringing table to collect water with its container…This complete line is in perfect condition, has been well maintained and everything is ready to be installed in your place to work immediately…See video (2:33) for more details...Plumber and electrician are recommended for reassembly...We clear customs and ship everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask us!

Room dimensions required: 27 feet by 37 feet (if brushes included)

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Perfect
  • Model: 6 mcx
  • State: usage

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