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Agricola air planter for carrot-beet-onion[ITEM #17337]


2014- Agricola air planter 9 rows and double line…For beet, carrot, onion, parsnip, turnip, etc…Model SN…Currently at 64 inches center-center and full adjustable for other configurations…Sowers at 12” and spacing between each line is 2” 3/4 (70mm)...You can sow one line by changing disc and shoe…Both wheels are drive so two transmissions…Units have rubber / steel cage wheels…Front opener discs…Only a little repair on cooling radiatior (minor) otherwise this planter has been very well maintained…All checked by Agricor garage, you have anything to do on it except go to the field!…You can easily configure it to 6 rows at 30 inches (carrot) by simply repositioning the units…Set of 45 x 2.0mm (beet) included, discs for other vegetable crops available…We clear customs and deliver fast and everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask for a shipping quote!

Dimensions: W: 170…L: 61…H: 59…Weight: 2 500 lbs approx.

  • Status : New
  • Brand: Agricola
  • Model: SN
  • Year: 2015
  • State: Used

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