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Agricola air planter for onion 24 rows[ITEM #11430]



2003- Agricola precision air planter for onion, carrot, beet, turnip, etc..Model SNA-2-260, 24 rows (or 12 double line rows)…3 steel roller (no bumps vs stainless) 24 x 63 inches (Teflon scrapers) so 8 rows of onion per each bed or 4 double rows (3”1/4 between each double line) or 15 inches between rows otherwise…3/4” coulters for a precise line…Turbine with distribution manifold, driven by hydraulic to allow steep lifting…Compressor to clean seeds and holes on discs while working…Rubber/stainless steel sower wheels…Tractor must be at 72 inches center-center with this setup…Agricola boxes for fungicide/insecticide with mechanical drive (2 hoses to be replaced)…Steps included…Hydraulic markers…Rest legs…Included a set of discs 90 x 1.2mm (onion)…Very well maintained, all components are A-1, this planter is ready to sow and is in excellent condition…See video for more details…We clear and ship fast anywhere in the United States and Canada, just ask!

Shipping dimensions: L: 20 feet…W: 102…H: 63…Weight: 6 500 lbs

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Agricola
  • Model: SNA-2-260
  • Year: 2003
  • State: usage

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