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Agricola air precision planter for carrot[ITEM #10227]


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Agricola air precision planter for carrot, model SNT-3-290…6 rows with 1-2-3 lines on same row…You can also choose to sow with one or two lines only…Rear rubber wheels to prevent adhesion of soils on seedbed…Gandy-Gaspardo electric driven fungicid boxes…Seed collection filter for emptying the boxes…Self-cleaning blower for seed discs…Including 2 set of disc for carrot: 60-1.00mm and 90-1.00mm…The advantage to use this type of planter is that the lines can be close to an inch instead of being scattered making weeding easier for organics farmers…The sowers doen’t appear on photos because they are currently winterized…See video for more details…We can ship this Agricola air planter anywhere in USA-CAN quickly and efficiently: just ask!

Shipping dimensions: L: 87…W: 159…H: 75

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Agricola
  • Model: SNT-3-290
  • State: usage

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