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Byron 105 green bean harvester[ITEM #14293]



Green bean harvester for fresh market by Byron, model 1051 row at 30 inches (or two at 20”), front belt width: 30 inches...You simply have to lower the picker to the appropriate height and the belt folds the beans so that the fingers pick them up, depositing them on the discharge conveyor…The blower effectively separates the beans from their leaves…The beans fall into a bulk dumpster or the containers of your choice…Quality work guaranteed!

Everything is hydraulic and controlled by the PTO pump (see photo), the harvester has its own oil reserve and its cooling radiator…It therefore only requires a simple PTO to drive the entire machine…Speed adjustment by oil reducers...Fully checked, several new parts, it is ready for the field…Watch the video for more details (in field at 1:42)…We clear customs and deliver everywhere on the planet, ask for it!

Dimensions: W: 158…L: 102…HL 112…Weight: 1 800 lbs.

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Byron
  • Model: 105
  • State: usage

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