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Byron sweet corn harvester (#3)[ITEM #14572]



**Sweet corn harvester for fresh market**…Byron, model 103…Completely disassembled, rebuilt and adjusted, it is at it left the factory…We are sweet corn growers since 60 years and have been using these machines for 45 years…We only sell in the fresh market, so there must be no injury…These machines are easy to use and adjust: watch our video (Sept. 22)...We guarantee you a picking without any injury if you follow our adjustment advice…We offer technical support by video, telephone or at your place anywhere in the world...You can’t go wrong doing business with us, we’ll be there for you!…We clear customs and deliver anywhere in the world, ask for it!

Shipping dimensions: L: 14 feet…W: 100 (can be reduce at 94)…H: 82…Weight: 1 800 pounds

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Byron
  • Model: 103
  • State: Used

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