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Byron 103 Sweet Corn Harvester (#1)[ITEM #13206]



1-row Byron sweet corn harvester for fresh market…Save workers and harvest your sweet corn with just one person!…Very easy to adjust, it replace 6-8 workers…Suitable for most varieties (90%) of sweet corn by harvesting them without damage…Especially effective when corn is low and there are weeds…PTO driven and one hydraulic outlet required for the discharge conveyor…65HP tractor required or more…This harvester has been verified (all bearings, knives, belts, conveyor, etc) and everything is ready for the field, there is nothing to do than working!…We are also sweet corn growers, so do not hesitate for any questions…See video for more details…We clear customs and ship quickly and everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask for a quote!

Shipping dimensions: W: 101…L: 14 feet…H: 63…Weight: 2 800 pounds


  • Status : None
  • Brand: Byron
  • Model: 103
  • State: usage

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