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Centrifugal blowers (2)[ITEM #15126]


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Centrifugal blowers (2) from continental fan manufacturing, (dealer in ontario), model PRD-14…Motor 7 1/2 HP on 600V for 2100 CFM, (see manufacturer’s chart)…To create vacuum or dry or turn the temperature drops…Just hang it on a closed room…The unit on the metal wall has been working for an hour and the other one is completely new!…These units are a deal and sold inseparably…Simplify your task by buying them online by clicking the black button above!

Located in Côteau-du-lac, Qc

Dimension: W: 48 inches… L: 97 inches… H: 47 inches (flat)…

  • Status : None
  • Brand: CFM
  • Model: PRD-14
  • State: neuf

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