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Centrifugal blowers[ITEM #17310]


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Centrifugal blowers (2) from Continental Fan Manufacturing (Ontario) model PRD-14…7 1/2 motor on 600 Volts for 2100 CFM (see chart in photo) to create a vacuum either to dry or to lower temperature…Just use a canvas or simply connect it to a closed room…The unit on the metal wall worked for an hour and the other is completely new…These units are a bargain and are sold inseparably… Simplify your task by buying them online!

Area: Côteau-du-Lac, QC

Unit-wall dimensions: W: 48…L: 97…H: 47 (flat)

  • Status : New
  • Brand: Continental Fan Manufacturing
  • Model: PRD-14
  • State: Used

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