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Chisholm-Ryder Green Bean Harvester[ITEM #16108]



***For fresh market*** 2-row at 36 inches Chisholm-Ryder green bean harvester on Diesel Ford 4000...Worked last season and all years, everything is mechanically in perfect condition!…72 inches center-center tractor…Engine start well, 3 552 hours, trans 2 x 4…Clutch is very good, nothing to do…The only thing, the tractor leaks a bit like all Ford of these generation!….Wheels are driven by 100HD chains…13.6 X 38 in very good shape…Hydraulic pump mounted front of tractor...Fingers of pickers are never been changed (last 4 years) ant they are good for long….Rotors can be level adjusted front and rear…Belts of blowers are okay…Floor belts (3) start to dry out but good for a long time…As said, this harvester worked last season and the previous ones, for the organic fresh market with top quality results, last owner is now retired…It’s a good opportunity at this price, don’t hesitate and call us!…We clear customs and ship quickly and everywhere in Usa, Canada and Mexico, just ask!…Watch our video for more details!

Shipping dimensions: L: 292 (24’6”)…W: 88…H: 102…Weight: 10 000 lbs approx.

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Chisholm-Ryder
  • Model: 2 rangs
  • State: Used

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