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Discs hiller O’Neil 4-rows[ITEM #15041]


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Kit for making beds in front of a seeder, planter, tractor, or simply splitting the fertilizer into two lines on each side of the planting…The set is complete and easy to assemble: the small discs (direct, no bearing) open and distribute the fertilizer and the big ones (bearings all okay) close and form de bed (4 inches high)…This give 2 lines of fertilizer on each side of the line of plants for a better distribution…The units are attach to the Two shaft of 97 inches and one of 51 inches…Compatible for a John Deere 7000 or adaptable for any other, it can bump at a speed of 4 MPH and less.

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Located in Saint-Michel, Québec.

Dimensions: all content fit on one pallet except shaft.

  • Status : None
  • Brand: O'Neil
  • Model: 4 rangs
  • State: Used

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