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Duquette Garlic Sheller[ITEM #16789]



Duquette garlic sheller…To prepare your cloves for planting…4 cracking rollers adjustable according to your size, which works in declination followed by untangling fingers to perfect the result (see the video)…All works on 110V with speed variator and switch GFI…On wheels with brakes, adjustable height…Ideally used with the inspection table (extra)…Could be fed continuously with a small elevator…Note that during the video, we used the speed at 25% in order to clearly see how it works…Everything is in new condition, having only around ten hours of use…Watch our explanatory video on youtube for more details…We clear customs and deliver everywhere!

Dimensions: L: 62…W: 30…H: 56

(Additional) Duquette inspection table to remove leaves and properly classify your cloves before planting…On 110V with the same speed variator…Adjustable height from 32 to 39 inches high… *******this item is sold separately. The price is $2,900*********

Dimensions: L: 75…W: 37..H: 45

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Duquette
  • Model: CR42
  • State: Used

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