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Falc Power Tiller 4,5 meter with bed shaper[ITEM #15184]



Power tiller Falc, model GS 4500, therefore 4,5 meter or 15 feet…Bed shaper for carrot to make 6 beds at 30 inches apart (can be adjusted 5 beds at 34 for potatoes)…Included another end cap to smooth the soil if beds are not necessary…Cat III, bearings of ht PTO 1000 are okay…Tines are original except those that have been lost and replaced…Front opening discs…This power tiller only worked on black soils so the wear is very low!…Everything is original except a bearing on transmission case (changed by Univerco)…The condition is exceptional, it has never been opened…Maintenance and oil are done, everything is ready for the field…Watch our video for more details…As said: exceptional condition so do not hesitate!…We clear customs and ship quickly everywhere in North America, just ask us!

Dimensions: W: 192…L: 80…H: 57…Weight: 6 800 pounds

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Falc
  • Model: GS 4500
  • State: usage

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