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Falc roto-tiller 6-row bed shaper[ITEM #10203]


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2013…Falc GS 4000 roto-tiller with rear bed shaper of 6 rows at 28 inches…For high beds of 14 inches high, perfect for carrot, beet, etc……PTO 1000…Teflon from bed shaper all there but are starting to wear out…10 tines missing which need to be replaced otherwise this roto-tiller was well maintained and in very good condition…Wearing parts have been checked or replaced except tines…Listen to the video to see that it runs very softly…We can ship this roto-tiller anywhere in USA-CAN quickly and efficiently, just ask!

Shipping dimensions: L: 86 inches…W: 171 inches…H: 54 inches

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Falc
  • Model: GS 4000
  • Year: 2013
  • State: usage

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