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Garford Robocrop Inrow Weeder 6 rows[ITEM #14342]



Roto-weeder by Garford (UK), model Robocrop Inrow...6 rows at 20 inches and adjustable...Two cameras detect the location of each plant (lettuce, cabbage, celery, etc) and eliminate weeds betwenn the rows but especially between the plants!!…Perfect for crops with regular space between the plants, the precision of the rotors is 8mm near the stem…Throughput (speed) of 3 plants per second per row…Garford guidance system (left-right) and automatic correction (steel wheels) including a shock absorber for rocks or obstacles...Operates hydraulically via an independent unit with cooler on PTO (can be connected to tractor if capacity permits)…The monitor is electric (7-way)…Speed sensors (2 rollers to synchronize the cameras…Two cameras with a maintenance-free optical lens...So, 3 steps: rotors and depth wheels, 2 rows of fine tines and finishing coulters…Technical support directly from Garford for updates when necessary…This roto-weeder was paid 155 000$ and only worked in black soils (4 years) so it’s great bargain at this price!!...Parts and user guides included (see photos)...WATCH THE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS!...We clear customs and ship everywhere and quickly in the world, ask for it!

Dimensions: L: 131…W: 68…H: 65 (lens removed)…Weight: 2 000 pounds approx.

Dimensions (hydraulic unit): L: 48…W: 42…H: 70…Weight: 650 lbs.

  • Status : On Show
  • Brand: Garford
  • Model: Robocrop Inrow
  • Year: 2018
  • State: Used

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