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Gaspardo foldable pneumatic for vegetation cover[ITEM #16287]



Gaspardo Pinta foldable pneumatic seed drill for vegetation cover and other uses (see sowing table)… 5.5 inches apart or 32 rows for 4.5 meters (15 feet)… Seed in 2021 and is in very good condition but is no longer used… Large hopper with pneumatic disperser, all designed in PVC to reduce maintenance and friction… The drive is on the left depth wheel (1 drive) and the driving is spectacularly smooth (see video)… Single discs with scrapers and double comb… Beacons if not gps… The original cover is in perfect condition, the seeder has always been well wintered and nothing is dried out, such as the hoses, bearings, etc… The tires are in good condition, the seeder is ready to work!… Watch our video on YouTube for more details… We clear customs and deliver everywhere in U.S.A. and Canada, Ask for it!

Dimensions: L: 98…w: 96 (if 2 wing combs removed)…H: 95

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Gaspardo
  • Model: Pinta
  • State: Used

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