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Gell grader for potato 5 pieces[ITEM #15154]



Set of 5 pieces vibrating grader for potatoes…From 1 to 3 inches…All on 240V with 3 safety switches…The 3 pieces have tongue to be easily moved…Very well maintained, all wearing parts have been replaced or are in excellent condition, the set is absolutely ready to work!

1- 30 inches Ouellette elevator with receiving bucket...2- 48 x 64 inches sorting table for two workers, one each side…3- Vibrating Gell grader including 18 screening passes (see photos). Work on 5 floors therefore 5 sizes (large on top)…4- Slider for 5 sizes…5- Table to guide each size...

Watch our video for more details…We clear customs and ship everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask!

Dimensions grader: L: 16,5 feet…W: 101…H: 131 (slider must be put below)

Dimensions elevator: L: 22 feet…W: 101…H: 131 (if small wheels removed and dropped by adjustments)

Dimensions dividing table: L: 16 feet (tongue removed)…W: 76…H: 76

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Gell
  • Model: 5 mcx
  • State: Used

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