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Grader for round vegetable[ITEM #15691]


2020-Duquette grader for round vegetable which was used for onions…36 x 96 inches…220V, 3 phase; variable speed…Manual or automatic mode (optical signal)… 3 side outlets (3 classification) of 20MM to 150MM (6 inches) for spanish onions…You adjust your screws (manually) and you calibrate according to yours needs…Used only 2 seasons, it is totally like a new one!…All the components are in perfect conditions!…Watch our video on Youtube to see all the components and how to adjust it…We clear customs and ship everywhere quickly, ask for it!..

Dimensions: L:132…W: 91 (if 2 large side conveyors removed) H: 81… Weight: 1,800 Lbs approx.

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Duquette
  • Model: 36 x 96 pouces
  • Year: 2020
  • State: usage

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