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Hand Harvester for broccoli[ITEM #9807]


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26-foot hand hervester for broccoli or other vegetables...10-14 rows harvested when conveyors are deployed...Including side trailer for boxes when full…Tires at 72 inches center-center...All accessories on the harvester are electric by a Honda generator (not included)…So you can bunch, throw leaves and packing on boxes on this harvester, everything is ready for that and everything remains sheltered from bad weather…22 inch clearance between axles…Both trailers work side by side…See video for more details…We ship anywhere in USA-CAN, ask if needed!

Dimensions: L: 32,5 feet…W: 127…H: 146 (127 if wheels removed)

  • Status : None
  • Brand: BR
  • Model: 14 rangs
  • State: usage

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