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Hand harvester for pepper or cauliflower 12-16 rows[ITEM #14626]



All steel Hand harvester for cauliflower, pepper or other vegetable...121 wide platform by 20,5 feet…Tandem wheels at 66 inches center-center...20 inches clearence under axle…11L-15, 8 ply for 11 700 pounds capacity...Right conveyor has 20 feet (8 rows) and left 10 feet (4 rows)…Both conveyors convey to the center (sorting table: clearance 18-inch under) and 1-3 workers can pack at the same time while others the boxes on the trailer...Roof, conveyors and sorting table can be removed easily...Requires only one hydraulic output, variable speed control included...Solid and ingenious design: weight distribution benefits the tractor as it fills…Worked on pepper and cauliflower, end of business...Very good condition, everything is right and ready to work!…Watch our operation video for more details...We clear customs and ship everywhere in USA and Canada, jus ask!

Dimensions: L: 27,5 feet…W: 134…H: 42 (if roof dismantled and put on the trailer: add 12 inches)…Weight: 5 000 pounds approx.

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Artis
  • Model: 20,4 pieds
  • State: usage

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