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Hoaf flamer for weed 3 meter[ITEM #10544]


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2018 Flamer for weed by Hoaf, model KB3DR…3 meter (10 feet) working width…10 000 000BTU or 320 liters (84 gallons) per 8 hours of propane gas…Innotag (QC) is the authorized dealer and MME Environment (France) is the manufacturer…Coupled air-gas and two-speed hydaulic blower provides maximal yield…Maintenance free stainless nozzles, only gas filters must be cleaned before starting season…Working speed: 4 km/hour (2,5 miles/hour) therefore 20-25 acres per day…Very effective in the mornig dew to cause thermal schock…Rear wheels on bushing to prevent overheating…Two level of work intensity including reducer to prevent end field fire…Really easy to use and maintenance in addition in being economical in gas consumption…Requires rack for tank (not included) to be installed on tractor…Watch the entire video to see the power at the end…We can take care of clearance and delivery anywhere in USA and Canada, ask for it!

Shipping dimensions: L: 90 (wheels removed)…W: 123…H: 48


  • Status : None
  • Brand: Hoaf
  • Model: KB3DR
  • Year: 2018
  • State: usage

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