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Irriland traveller[ITEM #17581]



Irriland traveller 2015, Superstar 120/550 model (4.72 inches and 1,804 feet) and its Explorer canon, 1″1/8 nozzle… Turbine operation (the pump and its thrust pipe are directly connected to the reel) for winding and guiding…The 4 autonomous hydraulic functions (solar panel, battery, electro-pump) operate the rear legs, the crown and the foot…Perfect for cannon or small ramp…Flexible included for reel entry…4-inch outlet on the reel…67 inch center-to-center track…Has been well maintained, everything works well!…Watch our video for more details…We deliver everywhere and quickly, just ask!

Financing: $686 /48 months!

Dimensions: LO: 19.6 feet…W: 108 (98 if wheels removed)…HA: 150 (142 if wheels removed)

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Irriland
  • Model: Superstar 120/550
  • State: Used

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