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Janny MT boxes (10)[ITEM #17163]



Inseparable lot! 10 Capp-Plast boxes (Italy) with Janny MT storage lids…6 C02/O2 filters to preserve food (vegetables or fruits) for more than 1-2-3 additional months versus boxes without capture filter…The 6 filters can be cleaned using air only, so maintenance is easy…Each filter has a cover depending on the quantity of gas to be captured: you can therefore remove the number necessary for your desired result…2 taken to insert the probe ($1,200 extra) if you want to know exactly the quantity of internal gas during conservation…The box is completely airtight (without drain)…One use only, they are like new …Watch our video (coming soon) for more details.

Dimensions: LO: 47…W: 39…HA: 31 (32.5 with cover)

Promotion of -$1,630!

  • Status : Reduced
  • Brand: Capp-Plast
  • Model: Janny MT
  • State: Used

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