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JMC-Kuka fully automated carrot bagging robot[ITEM #15692]



JMC-Kuka (Germany) fully automated carrot bagging robot including 11 pieces…1-Retention bucket and its elevator…2-2nd reserve to avoid interruption and its exit elevator…3- Slow feed conveyor for pre-balance precision… 4- scale (vertical stainless steel)…5- Pre-sealer conveyor...6-thermal sealer…7-conveyor (3) for delivery to the robot…8-Kuka robot…9-Roller cranes (2) and its empty pallet feeder (12 pallets at time)… 10- Motorized overhead cranes (3) for exit…11-Plasticizing cousins packaging of pallets.

Requires a room of only 30 x 40 feets…We made the video with a tempo of 3 bags/minute to clearly see the process (slowly) but the robot is normally adjusted to 6 bags/minute or 4,320 bags of 50 pounds…Either 86 pallets of 50 bags per day because it rolls without interruption or 1,440 bags (28 pallets) over an 8 hours shift…The robot always stack 50 bags 8 inches thick (can be adjusted)…On 575V including transformers (2) for 460V and other currents to operate the entire assembly…300A required and 125 PSI compressor with dryer (not included)…We dismantle, deliver and ensure references of certified technicians for reassembly, contact us to discuss these details.

In closing, this set is currently configured to make jumbo carrots or deer carrots in 50 LBS bags, but it could make any long and round vegetable when adjusted, such as turnips, beets, etc!

  • Status : On Show
  • Brand: JMC-Kuka
  • Model: 11 morceaux
  • State: Used

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