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Kerian stainless steel sizer, L60[ITEM #15449]



Kerian, model L60 stainless steel speed sizer…60 inches wide…Including 4 side exit conveyors (12-16-16-16 inches)…All on 208/230V tri-phase for all parts variable speed…Note that two controls (Teco FM50) are included, one for the Kerian and other for conveyors below, the third belongs to the elevator (not on pics but video)...6 inches of fall, so very low, the Kerian made tomatoes…So 4 sizes: 1”1/4 to 1”3/4 to 2”1/4 to finish at 4”…Like all Kerians, you can adjust your sizes from 1” to 4”…Self-oiler plus a spare…This Kerian is like a brand new one but at les than half the price, so do not hesitate, it is impeccable!!!…Watch our video for more details…We clear customs and ship everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask us!

Dimensions: W: 89…L: 121…H: 56…Weight: 2 000 pounds

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Kerian
  • Model: L60
  • State: usage

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