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Krantz land roller 31 feet[ITEM #13149]


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Krantz (ON, Canada) foldable land roller 31 feet24 inch diameter, 3/8” thickness…Very strong…Only three main shafts and 9 bearings, all replaced in 2021…Designed for easy maintenance…Requires only one hydraulic output…This land roller is in excellent condition for half the price of a new one, don’t wait until spring, it will no longer be there!...See video for more details…We clear and ship quickly and anwhere in USA and Canada, ask us for a quote!

Shipping dimensions: W: 32 feet…L: 127 (tongue removed)…H: 68 (unfolded)…Weight: 5 000 lbs approx.

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Krantz
  • Model: 31 pieds
  • State: usage

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