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Lavallée longitudinal 9-foot brusher[ITEM #17204]



Super soft and quiet brusher for squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc...Built by Lavallée (QC)…Seven brushes of 9 feet long with 5,5 inches diameter…One brushes is used to move the vegetable towards the end while the other type of brush cleans (see video)…Each brush has three section so more economical to replace…220V one speed and two electric motors…Ideal to clean any vegetable not too earthy because brushes are very soft but the fact that they are long ensures an impeccable result…It would be easy to add water system over the brushes to complete the result if necessary…Watch our video to see the smooth rolling of the brushes…We clear customs and ship everywhere in the world, just ask us!

Dimensions: L: 120…W: 71…H: 50…Weight: 1 800 lbs.

  • Status : On Show
  • Brand: Lavallée
  • Model: 9 pieds
  • State: Used

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