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Lockwood windrower model 2000[ITEM #15185]



Lockwood windrower, model 2000…63 inches, good for 2 rows at 34-36 inch spacing…1”1/4 spacing between the mails of the primary conveyor…This one is 75% good condition…The secondary is at 50%…The cotton one at 80% and the windrower deck is at 75% good condition…The front knive and the P.T.O. need to be changed, (or straightened)…The controls are all mechanical (hydraulic)…Only one oil outlet is necessary, everything else goes through the hydraulic pump of the lockwood (on tractor) and activated by the PTO…Watch our video on Youtube by clicking below for more details…We clear customs and ship quickly everywhere in North America, just ask us!

Dimensions: L:29 ft… W:129 inches (97 if side conveyor removed)… H: 90 inches

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Lockwood
  • Model: 2000
  • State: Used

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