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Massey-Ferguson discs 22 feets[ITEM #15192]



Massey-Ferguson discs, model 520…22 feets, foldable…Tandem axles for 4 wheels…The machine has only worked in black soil, which exlains its little worn condition…A disc is missing on one rear unit and that’s the only detail…The rest is in very good condition, including all the bearings…Watch our video on Youtube for more details! We clear customs and ship quickly everywhere in North America, just ask us!

Shipping dimension: W: 176… L: 95 (if drawbar and all jacks removed)… H: 36

**It will take 24 feet on a trailer when all disassembled**

  • Status : Pending...
  • Brand: Massey-Ferguson
  • Model: 520
  • State: Used

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