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Mobile grader 50 tons/hour[ITEM #15171]



Set for grading potatoes built by Capital (QC, Canada) which includes: left-right receiving conveyor, dirt eliminator table, grader for 1”3/4 and 2-inch, sorting table, final exit conveyor for large size…100A (575V) power unit with its oil tank…Control pannel (see photo), speed reducer, valves, hoses, all components are in top condition!…Very well maintained…Variable speed on all steps…Capacity of 50 tons by hour…44-inch receiving conveyor, then 30-inch belt, 48-inch dirt eliminator fingers (10% wear), grader belt (slightly cracked), 48-inch sorting table for 4 workers with waste exits and finally 36-inch exit…The set moves easily because on wheels including steering…The roof part is easy to removed (quick attach)…Working lights…This set is wow and ready to work!…Watch our video for more details…We clear customs ad ship quickly everywhere in North America, just ask!

Shipping dimensions: L: 39,5 feet (receiving conveyor removed)…W: 120 (104 if sorting conveyor removed)…H: 135 (115 if roof removed).

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Capital
  • Model: 5 étapes
  • State: usage

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