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Monosem MS 4 rows for veggies[ITEM #15436]


Monosem air planter for small seeds, model MS-4 rows…Single and double line discs included, in fact 6 set of discs for carrot, beet, turnip, parsnip, etc (see inventory below)…Vacuum system and air blower to keep discs clean...3 set of shoes: simple line (high wear), double line (50-70mm each line) and disperser (deer carrot, for example)…Quick change transmission to calibrate spacing seeds…Seed boxes cleaner…Many extra parts included (see photo)...Everything has been disassembled, lubricated and checked: ready for the field!…Sowed last season, see chart for all veggies possibilities…We clear customs and ship quickly (under tarpaulin) everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask us!

  1. 120 x 2.00mm (double line)
  2. 180 x 2.00mm (simple line)
  3. 30 x 2.00mm (simple line)
  4. 180 x 0.7mm (double line)
  5. 36 x 1.00mm (simple line and custom built)
  6. 180 x 2.00mm (double line)

Dimensions: W: 115…L: 74…H: 75…Weight: 1 450 pounds approx.

  • Status : Pending...
  • Brand: Monosem
  • Model: MS
  • State: usage

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