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Monosem NG+2 Air Planter[ITEM #14381]



6 rows Monosem air planter, model NG+2…PTO double yoke for blower…Currently at 30 inches…Fertilizer boxes, screws are in good condition…Yetter front coulters…Farmflex rear wheels…Including discs for: corn, pumpkin, bean, soy…Monitor, user’s manual, charts, road lights, eveything is there and the machine is ready to work…Sowed in 2022, all bearings and discs are okay: watch the video for more details…We clear customs and ship all over the world, simply ask us for a quote!

Dimensions: L: 86 (if wheels brackets and tongue removed, tongue must be placed under marker and will exceed 36 inch)…W: 192 + 36…H: 106 (without markers removed)…Weight: 3 500 pounds approx.

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Monosem
  • Model: NG + 2
  • State: usage

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