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Nolt’s Mulch wrapper[ITEM #16853]



Nolt’s Mulch wrapper, model LIF250 for removing plastic film (or drip lane) after use in the fields at the end of the season…Only requires an oil outlet…The operator from of the platform, controls reel speed (variator) for perfect tension without tearing…A guide ensures passage by removing debris stuck in the film…All that remains is to remove the tip and dispose of the roller to throw away…Approximately 1,200 feet are rolled without a tube inside...Very easy to use, save yourself back pain and fatigue, this roller does it in your place…Watch our video for more details…New condition, it’s ready to work!…We clear customs deliver everywhere and quickly, just ask!

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Nolt's
  • Model: LIF250
  • State: Used

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