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Perfect optical grader for round fruit or vegetable[ITEM #14014]



Perfect (Holland), model OMS-250-2 (2 lines) optical grader for round and half round fruit and vegetable…Sorts by diameter (2 lenses) and by color (1 lens) simultaneously…Which gives 7 sizes (6 outputs and 1 for rejects)…4”3/4 is the maximum size…Works on 220V with variable speed…Very easy to configure, you choos the size (metric) and the color in percentage, each fruit then goes to the appropriate compartment…Technical support available from Perfect (Holland)…Lenses are maintenance free and lamps are long-lasting…The tipper is included…User and parts manual included…This grader can be upgrade for stains and blemishes by changing the computer and adding a fourth lens…14 x 41 feet room required…See video for more details…Excellent condition, ready to work and easy to reconnect !!…We clear customs and ship quickly everywhere in USA and Canada, just ask!

Shipping dimensions: L: 34 feet…W: 95 inches…H: 92 inches…So 34 feet in dry box truck.

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Perfect
  • Model: OMS-250-2
  • Year: 2004
  • State: usage

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