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Power Tiller Comeb with bed shaper[ITEM #15179]



4-meter Comeb Power Tiller, model ISRXR 400…This is the strongest model for heavy soils: HD transfer cases with HD sprocket drive (no chains)…Cat III, 4 meter work width or 13,12 feet including the two bed shapers of 65 inch each (top of the bed) by 6 inch high…So good for 4 rows of onions 15 inches apart if tractor at 80 inch center-center…All rebuilt (see photos) with manufacturer parts, bearings, gaskets and oil are done too…The 96 knives including all bolts (2 400$) and the 6 digger knives (to protect end bearings) have been changed…PTO bearings are perfect…This machine is mechanically flawless but needs painting to be in mint condition!!…Mechanically, absolutely everything is ready for the field and for a bargain price!!…Watch our video and listen for its smooth ride…We clear customs and ship quickly and everywhere in North America, just ask us!

Dimensions: L: 70…W: 168…H: 45

  • Status : Pending...
  • Brand: Comeb
  • Model: ISRXR 400
  • State: Used

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