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Pulsar automatic bagger for vegetable[ITEM #10939]


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Automatic bagger for vegetable made by PFM Packaging Machinery (Newmarket, ON), model Pulsar…For vegetable like: celery, cauliflower, broccoli, pepper, sweet corn ,etc…Works with flat material (film)…On 220V and 30A…The vegetables are fed by the approach conveyor (included) then the fil unwinds until it is gripped by the thermal seal heads for a complete and well adjusted wrap…Last step, a heated blade seals and cuts according to the chosen lenght so that the vegetable is found in a clean packaging and of irreproachable quality!…It ispossible to add in the last step an oven (shrink) to adjust and tighten the film on the vegetable giving it a presentation as if it were vacuum-packed…This machine and its feed table are worth 122 000$ today (exactly the same model), this unit is outright a bargain at this price!! Do not hesitate, it is in superb condition but no longer needed…Watch the manufacturer’s video to see it in action…We take care of clearance and delivery anywhere in USA and Canada, ask for it!

Dimensions: Pulsar: L: 60…W: 124…H: 71

Dimensions: Feed table: L: 36…W: 84…H: 45

  • Status : None
  • Brand: PFM Packaging Machinery
  • Model: Pulsar
  • State: usage

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