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Rainway 8” irrigation pipes (40)[ITEM #15182]


Lot of 40 irrigation pipes by Rainway...8” x 30 feet each…Including the trailer at 72 inches center-center...In fact, you pay for40 pipes but 13 others are included and free (so 53 total) plus a ”T”…Because we consider 8-10 pipes are slightly damaged (but recoverable if repaired)…Rainway are similar than Miller: hooks system…The trailer goes with this inseparable lot (+1 000$)…The price of brand new 8” Rinc Lock is 500$/each bar so this set is a good bargain!…In summary: 53 pipes + one ”T” + a trailer = 8 800$ all included!!!….We clear customs and ship quickly everywhere in North America, just ask us!

Shippping dimensions: L: 35 feet (trailer included)…W: 98…H: 80

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Rainway
  • Model: 8 pouces
  • State: Used

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