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set of wooden boxes (30)[ITEM #17041]


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Set of 30 wooden boxes measuring 40 x 48 x 42 high (they do not all have identical dimensions)…Perfect for light and multiple use…The lot is inseparable (30 x 20$ = 600$) and is located in the Saint-Rémi, QC region…A visit on request is possible…The broken ones (see definition) will be removed upon loading so your driver will be responsible for the selection because no returns, no credit when the boxes will have left the current site…Lot sold entirely, no splitting…Price non-negotiable…Transport is your responsibility, forklift on site will be available for loading.

Definition of what causes shrinkage: one or more of the 7 posts of the box structure cracked or broken…Two or more boards (sides and floor) broken or cracked.

Price: $20 each ($600 per lot)…Easy online purchase by credit card (click Buy Online above) or call us!

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Artis
  • Model: 40 x 48 x 42
  • State: Used

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