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Soaking kit[ITEM #15122]


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Soaking kit for wooden boxes of other containers…Includes two tanks and a cage for (60 x 42 x 47) wooden box…The green tank is not waterproof (requires a silicone touch-up)…The one not painted is waterproof…Watch the video: the forklift places a wooden crate in the cage, then grabs it to lower it into the soaking basin…It’s simple and effective…Low price, dont hesitate…Easy online shopping by clicking the black button above!

Located in Côteau-du-lac, Qc

Dimensions: W: 88 inches… L: 64 inches… H: 63 inches…

  • Status : None
  • Brand: ARTIS
  • Model: 60x42x47
  • State: usage

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