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Tomra Primus Gemini Laser Grading Machine for Blueberry[ITEM #15521]



Tomra grading machine for coloring and withered (optical and laser)…Tomra (CO, USA), Primus Gemini 2.2 model…Operates on 230V, 1 phase…Grading capacity of 4000-8000Lbs/hour…Operation is simple and efficient at a time: at a speed of 2,000 image/second, 56 pneumatics valves eject the wrong colors (on the 1st transverse conveyor) on command from the 1st camera (reds, greens, blues)…The camera also classifies the excessive dimensions (still on the 1st transverse conveyor)…Finally, the laser classifies the withered ones (for transformation) by ejecting them on the second transverse conveyor...All the good blueberries (1st category) continue their course directly into the boxes at the end: they are ready to be sold!…This grader can make cranberries, all you have to do is add the software...Requires a 10HP compressor (not include)...Maintenance is easy and inexpensive: washing the belts in cold water every evening and it’s all!…Technical support and installation by Tomra is available and suggested for the first calibration…Watch our explanatory video on Youtube by clicking below to see the speed of execution, among other thing...The infeed table (blueberry entry conveyor) is not included… Paid 180K in 2019, it is a real deal!…We clear customs and ship everywhere in North America, ask for it!..

Dimensions: Length:105..Width: 56 (if conveyors (2) removed)…Height: 79 inches

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Tomra
  • Model: Primus Gemini
  • Year: 230V
  • State: Used

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