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Univerco Carrot harvester PT3[ITEM #15121]



Univerco Carrot Harvester, model PT3...Only worked on black soils so very little wear…Mechanically in immaculate condition, this harvester is a collector’s item!…All wearing parts have been replaced and the maintenance has been meticulous…Hydraulic hoses are not dry, all bearings parts are okay…Hydraulic pump is A-1…There is no monitor, all controls are mechanical (valves, see photo)…Regular table for carrot, beet, turnip, parsnip, etc…This harvester is totally ready for the field, there is nothing to do but put it on your tractor and go working...Watch our video for more details…We clear customs and ship everywhere and quickly in USA and Canada, just ask us!

Shipping dimensions: L: 168 (dismantle in two pieces)…W: 100…H: 98…Weight: 4 000 pounds approx

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Univerco
  • Model: PT3
  • State: usage

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