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Univerco Eco carrot harvester[ITEM #14739]


Univerco carrot harvester, model Eco…Many parts have been replaced: hydraulic pump, picker pulleys (all), picker belts, knives including bearings, motor chains, many casters under conveyor, foot, etc…Two discharge conveyors included: 1/2” spacing for carrot and parsnip and 1”1/2 spacing for beets and turnip…75HP and more recommended, everything is working by PTO and monitor, no hydraulic output required...All hydraulic hoses in good shape, no leaks…One extra used belt for picker included…PTO bearings perfect…This harvester has little worn and is definitely a good buy!…We clear customs and ship everywhere in the world, ask us for a quote!

Shipping dimensions: L: 14 feet…W: 98 inches…H: 96 inches…Weight: 3 500 pounds

  • Status : Sold
  • Brand: Univerco
  • Model: Eco
  • State: usage

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