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Washer-brusher-dryer line for squash[ITEM #11194]



***Liquidation*** 6-piece complete line for wash, brush and dry squash including;

1-Tipper box with a shock absorption sliding door and anti-friction.

2-Aquatic soaking basin including electric whirlpool pump for movement up to the elevator…600V, 10HP.

3-Washer-brusher 36 inch by 10 feet with fine and heavy water jets…24 brushes: soft, medium and cleansing of 4,5 inch diameter…The first four are to be changed.

4-Retention tank to collect the cleaning liquid.

5-Drying blowers (2) for sticking labels on squashs. 1 x 30 inch vertical and 1 x 72 inch horizontal.

6-Approach conveyor under blowers.

*End of production, everything works well…See video for more details…We can disassemble (extra costs), load and ship this packing line directly to your place…We also take care of clearance and shipping anywhere in USA and Canada, just ask!

  • Status : None
  • Brand: AR
  • Model: 7 mcx
  • State: usage

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