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Washing-brushing set (4) pieces[ITEM #17079]



4-piece wash-brush-spin set…Including: 1-Stainless steel aquatic bath with pump and whirlpool jets…2-Food grade elevator with speed variator…3-Haines (USA) 48-inch brand brusher including 10 brushes brand new ($3,100) and a recovery basin…4-48-inch Haines wringer including new sponges ($2,455) too…Everything runs on 220V (25A) and requires 22 feet of length in a room (or at exterior)…In summary, excellent line for washing and brushing: squash, peppers and other vegetables or fruits…Call us for more details and watch our video for a visual of how it works…We deliver everywhere in the world and quickly, ask for it!

Dimensions: L: 258…W: 72…H: 72

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Haines
  • Model: 48 pouces
  • State: Used

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