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Weigher-grader for onion/apple[ITEM #16577]



Bartlett (ON, Canada) weigher for calibration by weight and dimensions and its aligner…The aligner and its broom ensure the distribution before entering the buckets…The traps then open according to chosen weight…Height drop at: 3-5 inches when buckets open (very soft against injuries)…The weight can be modified by simply turning the adjustment handle…4 transverse outlets plus a fifth (end) for the smallest ones…Each outing can be canceled as long as you want to do less than 4 classes, or they can all be balanced at the same weight: you decide…Runs on 220V: 2 motors of 1HP.. .No switch, only one speed but a gearbox could be added…Legs are adjustable for perfect level…Did apples and onions…Very reliable as no electronics…Adjust the handles, prove your weight and go!…Watch our video on Youtube for more details…We clear customs and deliver everywhere, just ask!

Dimensions: L: 23 feet (5 feet for the aligner)…W: 46…H: 60

  • Status : None
  • Brand: Bartlett
  • Model: 5 sorties
  • State: Used

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